Tips for organizing admission essays

The admission essay is your one chance to rise above the rest and show that you are a level above. They use these essays to help them choose who to admit to their academic programs. Your essay should be interesting, honest and above all, well organized. Pay close attention to good structure and format as well as the content. An essay that’s been well written shows you know how to think logically, write coherently, follow instructions and excel in grad school. Most of the time you are given a prompt which is supplied by the grad school and guides the subject of your essay.

Here are some tips for writing:

  1. The introduction – the first sentence is probably the most important part of your entire essay, because it’s what grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to finish reading. It should be compelling and original; it should be thought provoking and interesting. The introduction tells the reader a summary of what they are about to read.
  2. The body – this will be comprised of several paragraphs and provide evidence in detail. This evidence is used to support the statements you made in the introduction. If using a thesis statement in the introduction, all evidence points back to the thesis.
  3. The conclusion is the final paragraph of your essay. You should summarize the key points you made in the body of your essay as well as any conclusion the reader should have drawn. You can also state your experiences at this time as a support for why you were interested in this topic. Let the reader know why you think you would be a good fit for their academic program.

Your admissions essay is going to determine, to a great degree, whether you get accepted or not so keep this in mind when writing. If you’ve ever considered getting expert help for essay writing but never done it, now would be a good time. Online writing services can help you polish up your admission essay and produce a high quality product.

The admissions committee can’t meet with everyone in person to make their decision; they use admissions essays to help them choose the best candidates. Your writing should be professional and academic. Don’t use slang words or terminology that’s not commonly understood. Make sure there is a personal side to your admission essay; they don’t know anything else about you apart from your grades.

Posted by May 8th, 2014