5 Places Where You Can Find Good SAT Essay Examples

The SATs are one of the most important exams if not the only one that determines a student's future in the academia into higher learning. It's basically a final assessment exam that covers the most important part of that student's learning period and as part of the exam, they're tested with essays. Another very thorough process in the exam.

Unfortunately this is where a lot of students begin to panic because an regular essay assignment is not as stressful as a one that determines a passing grade. Even the most confident student might need a little help during this time with the use of SAT essay examples. Here are the five places to find those examples.

SAT resources

When the SATs begin to come up, there is a sense of a great event around the corner. Something that everyone has to prepare for. There's a reason why students get nervous due to:

  • Pressure To Pass
  • Strict Test Rules
  • Taken Seriously

Parents and school staff take it very seriously to the point where class schedules are shifted around to accommodate the test itself. But there is also literature that's printed to help students get ready for it as well. These are the SAT resources where they can find good SAT essay examples.

Because a lot of times with new editions to that literature, high-quality essays are selected to display in front of the students by being published in study guides.

School Library

The libraries at school are not just there to store books. It's the knowledge center of the school where everyone can go to for all resources they need. Not only do they have published SAT literature there but they are also known to proudly display their work for other students to see. This means that SAT essays are probably kept when the students leave the school. Much like doctorates in universities.


For each class that assigns essays there is a teacher that might very well keep examples for their students to learn from. This of course depends on the instructor but it's the perfect resource in case libraries don't have copies, literature or everything is checked out.


In today's schools, internal networks that are secure from the outside are housed which stores a lot of information for the students. These networks are generally designed for this use and since many essays are digital now, the intranet is the best way to do view these SAT examples. It reduces use of paper and is always available.

The Internet

Of course the other solution is the internet that everyone uses. There are plenty of sources from where a student can find the examples they need. This is also the last resort when a student doesn't have access to anything else. It's inexpensive and available twenty four hours a day.

Yes, the SATs are an extremely stressful time for all students. But with so many options available, the student should be at ease and completing the essay portion of the SATs should be a breeze.

Posted by January 22nd, 2015