Admission Essay

I plan on walking in the American Heart Association Heart Walk this year. I have asked my friends and my family to offer pledges to this cause. I believe that this is a worthwhile cause and I feel comfortable asking my loved ones to pledge their hard-earned money to it. I have lost family members to heart disease. While there is no easy way to lose a loved one, I believe heart disease, like cancer, is a devastating way for a person to die. The person slowly suffers. The person must take medication daily and often cannot engage in previously enjoyable activities. My grandfather died from heart disease. He suffered from congestive heart failure and had aortic stenosis. The aortic stenosis was congenital; the valve was malformed. As a result, he had open heart surgery to replace this valve. The congestive heart failure was a result of years of smoking and poor dietary habits. One of these conditions was not preventable. The other was completely preventable. Despite this important difference, neither condition was easy for him. It was terrible to watch him struggle with both of these conditions. These are the reasons I want to pursue a career in cardiopulmonary technology. I recognize that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of Americans. I have seen it firsthand. I have seen a family member suffer from both a preventable disease of the heart and from a genetic disease of the heart. My mother has aortic stenosis as well; she will likely need a valve replacement. My siblings and I wonder if any of us, or all of us, inherited this condition as well. I realize that my family, and possibly myself, are cardiac patients. In reality, we are all cardiac patients. I want to spend my life serving in a capacity that impacts most of my fellow Americans.

I believe that I will be good in this field. I enjoy studying and in particular, enjoy studying science and medicine. I enjoy explaining these concepts to others. I have noted that I enjoy teaching others about the field of cardiovascular disease. I recognize that when I teach others, I must do so in language that is easy for them to understand. Whenever I am studying for an exam, I teach the information to a family member or friend. In this way, I know that I understand the information. However, I have also recognized that this is a vital skill for any member in the health care field. Patients and their family members need to be taught in methods that they can understand. I have found that I truly enjoy this “teaching” that I do. In this way, I believe that I will be good at patient education.

However, I have many hobbies outside of studying and school. I enjoy exercise; I walk daily. I believe this is a critical thing as well. One cannot deny that the health care field can be quite stressful at times. This is particularly true for individuals who literally work with a person’s heart. There is no room for mistakes in this field. As a result, the stress must be quite high at times. I believe that exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. It improves one’s health physically, but also helps the person emotionally. I enjoy walking outside when the weather is pleasant. Ideally, I prefer a friend to join me. I try to spend as much time as possible with my friends and my family. I have found that they are a tremendous support system. They make me laugh, they listen to my concerns and they care about me. I hope that they feel the same way about me.

I also enjoy reading in my spare time. I enjoy a wide variety of fiction books. Currently, I enjoy reading historical fiction and mystery novels. I find that they both make me think about the world in a different way. They both offer a pleasant way to spend some time daily. I have loved reading since I was a child. At times, I find that I switch my preference from different genres. For a while, I read many classics. I cannot say what area I will read next. However, I know that I will continue to read.

I believe that my interest in this field is genuine. It stems from a desire to help others due to my personal experiences in this area. I also believe that I have enough personal interests to help me deal with the obvious stressors found in this field. I look forward to the schooling in this area and cannot wait to begin my studies.

Posted by April 27th, 2015