A List Of The Most Common SAT Essay Topics You May Be Asked To Write On

One of the major parts of the SAT exam is the essay section. Students are given a set amount of time to write about a specific topic. They must turn in a thoroughly edited, well-written essay if they want to get a good score on the SAT. Unfortunately, these topics change every year, so it is almost impossible to prepare an essay in advance. In general, the SAT will require topics based on adversity, history and technology. Students can prepare for the SAT by practicing sample topics in advance. If the student is lucky, one of these topics will ultimately appear on the SAT. For some topic ideas, students should read through the following list.

Topic Ideas

  1. Discuss one time that you dealt with adversity and how you overcame it.
  2. Are people happier by accepting their situation in life or striving to better themselves?
  3. Do successful people compromise with others?
  4. How can someone achieve happiness in life?
  5. Is it a burden to possess knowledge?
  6. Does dealing with adversity cause people to grow stronger?
  7. What types of technology have made modern life easier than it was one hundred years ago?
  8. Should people be required to listen to people who are older and more experienced?
  9. Are all of the original ideas already taken?
  10. Does humor help individuals to deal with difficult situations?
  11. Does goal setting help people achieve more out of their life?
  12. Should traditions from the past be continued in the modern world?
  13. Is it possible to be successful and ethical?
  14. Does planning and goal setting limit creativity?
  15. Do individuals learn more through failure than success?
  16. Is success due to talent or luck?
  17. Are there downsides to achieving success in life?
  18. Is happiness a choice, something people are born with or something that is given through events in their life?
  19. Are leaders always the best at their job?
  20. Is creativity still valued in the modern world?
  21. Can someone achieve their goals in life if they are lazy?
  22. Does becoming famous make someone happier?
  23. Do people always need a leader to guide them at work?
  24. Is society more materialistic now than it used to be?
  25. Do people actually learn from their mistakes? Is there a way to learn without having to make a mistake first?
  26. Is it ever acceptable to be rude to other people?
  27. Is gaining power a strong motivation?
  28. Do people place too great of a focus on achievement?
  29. Is an individual's identity something that they are born with or something that is created?
  30. Is it acceptable to make major decisions based off of personal emotions?

Posted by April 20th, 2015