How to Edit your Admission Essay

Most high school graduates begin the hard task of choosing a college to attend early on in their junior year. The research is lengthy and the costs of college extravagant but the biggest challenge that every soon to be college student faces is presenting with a remarkable admission essay that will open that first door to their furthered education. Writing a perfect admission essay can be difficult but if you keep a couple of specifics in mind the task can surely be accomplished.

The Admission Essay

The admission piece is a clear indication of you and your personality. Admissions officers read hundreds of thousands of admission essays a year and yet you, the new college student, are attempting to make yours stand out in an effort to be accepted to your college of choice. Review the essay question selections carefully and choose one that you are comfortable with and seem to be able to relate to. If you choose a topic that interests you, it will be much easier to write an acceptable piece.

The key to writing this essay is to be unique in sharing your ideas. You want to avoid the format of “listing” ideas and thoughts and engage the art of “telling your story” on a personal level with each and every wonderful thought and feeling you can share. By personalizing your admission essay you render it absolutely unique. When you start writing your essay you want to embrace the idea that you are “showing” your reader what you are expressing rather than just “telling” them. By utilizing this technique of creating images for the reader you allow the reader to lean on their own feelings and emotions to visualize the message you are trying to deliver rather than just relying upon the reading of black and white words. Also, remember that you are writing this essay about you so there is no real need for you to use abundant complicated words but rather simplistic language that shows and tells your own personal story. Your admissions officer is looking to learn something ideally about you personally and is seeking to find the new student who can tell their own story through the use of their own words. When writing and editing your essay be certain that you have shared many personal details about yourself in your efforts to have the reader feel your thoughts through your own artistic way of “showing” your words rather than just “telling” them. A personalized essay full of emotion and even laughter is a sure fire way of getting yourself noticed by those who hold the fate of your college entrance in their hands.

Posted by March 11th, 2014