Admission essay ideas: tackling the question

Importance of admission essays

Admission essays are an important part of your application that you send to the University for getting admission. As the semesters are ending new intake is about to begin at almost all the universities and high schools. It is admission season and students all around the world are downloading application forms and trying to get things sorted out as early as possible. An application without an admission essay is incomplete. It is like a person without an identity. They are very important for the admission officers at the university to understand your potential and determine whether or not they should grant you admission in their university or high school.

The admission essay question

Students should understand the importance of the admission essay question set by the university. If you write an essay that is very well-written and engaging but it does not answer the essay question properly then your admission essay will be rejected. Consider yourself in the exam hall where you have to pass a certain subject by answering some questions. If a question is compulsory and you do not attempt it due to lack of time or knowledge then you will fail the subject. No matter how well informed you were or how hard you tried it is useless if you miss the compulsory question. Similar is the case with admission essay question

Tackling the essay prompt

The admission essay questions are usually wide ranging and cover a broad aspect. Whether you like it or not you will have to write your essay staying in the limits of the essay question. Students often tend to ask such questions like

  • What kind of essay question is this?
  • How does it relate to granting me admission?
  • Why is it relevant to the subject or course being applied for?
  • Why does the admission officer want to know this?
  • Why is the university interested in my personal life?

Regardless of all these questions the student is supposed to write the essay while tackling the essay prompt. The university every year admits hundreds of students and they will know better why they need to ask a certain question. They do not want your opinion on the nature of the question. They want an accurate essay so that all students stay limited to a certain subject. It is important to narrow down the topic so that they can easily compare different essays submitted by the students.

Posted by February 28th, 2014