Main stages of application essay writing process

There are several stages involved in writing an application essay, but it helps to remember the main parts to help you focus on what content to include, while following a basic structure. The main stages, including topic selection, writing and editing, help distinguish your essay from thousands of others that often get reviewed at the same time. Further understanding of each stage may help you develop your essay content and help you focus on appropriate information to include.

Topic Selection

Brainstorming a topic, also known cohesively as topic-storming, can be an important part for your application essay. This can help in connecting personal things about yourself to what the school wants to know or should know about you. This may be challenging at the same time since you want to select something different that can help you stand out. The application committee that will review your content has a pretty good idea on what students write about. Make things interesting by selecting something different that can work for you.

Writing about Your Topic

The writing stage is important because this allows the application committee to evaluate you from different perspectives. They want to see how well you develop creative concepts while accessing your writing skills. This is when you want to avoid trying to use words you don’t understand the meaning of. Use short sentences that are concise and to the point. Make sure written information is not misunderstood, misinterpreted, or present false sense of who you are as individual. You want to be able to connect to the reader while being honest and positive. You may want to mention elements that highlight the good in you such as obstacles you achieved and where you see yourself career wise in the future.

Editing Your Content

Students commonly overlook the element of editing, proofreading and revising their content. You can have misspelled words or improper word usage that could decrease chances of approval. When you complete your content, check it over for errors and make changes as necessary. This improves essay quality and shows you take pride in how your content is received by the audience. Editing also ensures your content reads clearly from start to finish. Your content should have a voice that represents who you are without misleading the reader. You can work with a professional editor if you are unable to complete edits on your own.

Posted by January 27th, 2014