Writing a Perfect Admission Paper: Learning by Example

Admission to college or university can be an exciting and scary process. The complete process behind gaining admission requires months and months of preparation. After you have achieved the proper grades; aced the SAT, ACT, or TOEFL tests; made sure you have community service hours; joined and participated in clubs; and obtained references—then you need to write your admission essay.

Some colleges and universities will provide you with the topic and some will allow you to pick you own topic.

Either way, make sure you follow the directions precisely.

There are a few tricks for making sure the paper produced will catch the eye of the admissions officers.


  • First person is allowed and highly recommended. This essay is a window into your soul and character. If you do not use first person point of view, the paper will sound awkward and stiff.
  • It is okay to admit that you have made a mistake in your life; you are human after all. The admissions officer will be looking for proof that you learned from this mistake and accepted responsibly.
  • This is not the place to list all of your achievements. Your achievements will be noted on other paperwork you have submitted. This is the place for you to introduce who you are and why you are special.
  • Do take the essay seriously. If you are neck and neck with another student regarding all the other areas of your application and there is only one spot left at the school; the essay will be the deciding factor.
  • Do not be afraid to seek out a tutor, custom writing company, or teacher to help you edit the paper. You should also see your guidance counselor to get edit suggestions as you go through the process.
  • Universities and colleges are looking for well-rounded and unique students with ethics and morals. It is their hope that you will give as much as you get while at their university. In your essay show the attributes (through a narrative) that will compel them to accept you without hesitation.
  • Apply and write to several different colleges or universities. Do not put your eggs all in one basket. The school is going to pick the students that best suit the needs and demographics desired for that school.

Doors are opening and closing as you begin the next step in your academic career. It is an exciting time. Be prepared by using these tips, to reveal yourself in the best possible light in your admissions essay.

Posted by June 12th, 2014