Entrance essay writing services are not trustworthy

Just because the college that you are applying to requires you to submit an essay does not mean that you actually have to write it. But, if you hire someone else to write it, you had better be sure that you are hiring a legitimate company that will not harm your academic reputation. There are many essay writing services that claim to specialize in entrance essays, but not many of them are trustworthy.

Essay Writing Business: Shady?

If you think about the actual business of writing an application essay for another person, the entire business itself is unethical. Even though you technically are not stealing someone’s work and claiming it as your own, you are still plagiarizing. By using someone else’s essay and saying that it is your admissions essay, you are not being an honest person. The companies that hire out writers to do this work are by natural not honest because they are helping people get away with not doing their work.

Try the Site to Determine Honesty

So, how do you tell if the essay writing service is trustworthy and will accomplish everything that they say they will. The honest answer is that you really do not. Writing websites are not endorsed by any business organizations and you will not be able to do much investigation to see if other people have been burned by the website. You are actually putting your money, your name, and your academic future into the hands of complete strangers.

See What You Get

Due to the nature of the business, you will not be able to find many reviews about the writing sites. If there are reviews, they were most likely written by the people who work for the sites, not actually clients, who have used the site. Really, the only way to know if the site is legitimate is by trying it out and seeing what happens. It might be best to hire out an essay when it does not matter so you can see what type of work is produced and what you will want to change.

Beware of Scammers Trying to Cheat You Out of Your Money

Keep in mind that there are always scammers online. They make their money by making promises to clients and then breaking them. When you order an online essay for your college entrance application, you just never know what will happen. If you write your own essay, then you know the work was honest and true.

Posted by March 5th, 2014