Is it Smart to use Cheap Essay Writing Companies?

If you are considering using one of the many cheap essay writing companies that advertise their services online, you may be wondering if it is a smart thing to do. Essay writing services are not calm topics of conversation. Here are some answers to the most common questions about purchasing an essay to help you make up your own mind.

Is it ethical?

What it isn’t is plagiarism, hiring a company to write an original essay for you is the same as a sports star hiring a ghost writer to write their autobiography. Somebody has to live the life just like somebody had to go to the class and learn the material; this is why the practice is ethical. There isn’t a class in existence where the entire grade depends on one essay, so thinking that it enables you to pass a course whose material you don’t already know is short changing yourself.

Are they any good?

Cheap essay writing companies don’t stay in business by providing poor quality essays. The process to become a writer for one of these companies is strenuous and keeping the position means that you must consistently produce quality material. There is more to it than that. A quality essay has to also meet the requirements of the customer’s assignment, be in the correct writing style and also, be in the customer’s own writing voice.

What do you really get out of it?

There is the obvious benefit of getting an essay written out of the deal, but there are additional benefits to using a cheap essay writing company that many people don’t consider. Often, a semester worth of material is overwhelming and internalizing what you have learned is hard. It is a waste to invest the time and money in going to school if you are going to forget the material as soon as the class is over. Using an essay writing company is similar to hiring someone to write a summary of what you have learned. It is through reading this summary, and possibly rewriting it into your own words, that you will best retain the information you have learned. It is like the old saying, “clearer heads prevail,” it can be hard to see clearly what you have learned when you are still buried under the learning. A profession essay can help clarify what is inside you already.

It’s Confidential

Writing services provide a confidential service. In fact, the majority of people who get in trouble for using one do so because they have talked up the fact. Essay writing services are a sore point in many academic circles, while not specifically banned as plagiarism; they can call a student’s work into question and unfairly stigmatize them for the rest of their academic career. If you are paying for a confidential service, it is best to maintain confidentiality yourself.

Posted by September 6th, 2013