How Do You Write A College Application Essay: A Simple Step-By Step Tutorial

As a high school soon-to-be graduate, there is nothing as intimidating as writing that college acceptance essay. Nerves pulse through your body as you wonder if they will accept you or if you are going to be good enough to attend your school of choice. Once you read this step by step guide, it won’t be as scary as you think it is.

  • Give Yourself Alone Time:
  • Setting some time aside where you aren’t distracted by the buzz of the activities in your environment. Allow yourself some time to write this essay, the day before is not going to suffice. This will help you think about how you are going to tackle the essay topic. Make sure you bring all your essentials for writing with you, be it your favorite pen, your tablet, the list of application questions, and even a glass of water or drink of choice (so you don’t get distracted by thirst). Announce to people surrounding you or anyone who will want to talk to you that you can’t be disturbed. Turn off your cell phone.

  • Pick a Topic You Can Identify With:
  • In reading the list of questions, pick the topic that seems to stick out to you. The one you can answer with ease and feel comfortable writing about. For example, a student who was strong in English would not choose something about identifying struggles in a subject in which they didn’t succeed.

  • Brainstorming:
  • Once the topic is picked, look at the question carefully. As you read each word, pick out situations that can be related to the subject. Write every thought down, you never know what you will come up if you put combined items together. At this time, you can talk with your family and friends about your topic. They will offer ideas that you haven’t thought of.

  • The First Draft:
  • Once you have gotten a list of what you choose to discuss in your essay, it is time to create your first draft. Remember, this isn’t your typical essay, where you have a thesis statement and use topics to support your statement. This is ultimately about you, so you want to make this as approachable and conversational as possible.

  • Editing & Proofreading:
  • After your first draft is finished, carefully read through it for extra words and precise thoughts (a good example of this is the word very. If you are good at something, instead of saying, “I am very good at this”, give an example from your life proving how you are good at something). As you edit, be sure to reread the paragraph or the surrounding sentences to make sure that it makes sense. Also, be sure you give it to another person to read over. They will provide feedback to improve your essay. In addition, make sure you proofread your work; there is nothing worse to submit something with errors, it puts you in a negative light right away.

  • Reread:
  • At this point, you are probably pretty sick of looking at this essay. You have probably worried yourself about how to say what needs to be said and how to get things in order. Simply put aside the essay aside and relax. Let it fade from your memory. After a couple of days, return to the essay, with a relaxed and refreshed mind. Reread it. If you spot errors, you will probably be able to fix them with ease.

Once you are fully satisfied with the essay with confidence. See it wasn’t that hard, was it?

Posted by January 15th, 2015