How To Write A University Application Essay Successfully

High school seniors are often worried about their college applications. They wonder how they can write the best essay. Below are some tips.

  1. The first tip is to be concise.
  2. Remember that your college essays often give you a minimum number of words. They do not have a maximum number. But just because there is no maximum, does not mean that you should write a 10 page paper about yourself. If your minimum limit is 250 words, do not go over 700 words. The admissions officer, who will read your paper, will read a big pile of papers every single day. They anticipate spending no more than a few minutes on each essay. If you give them a 10 page paper, you will test their patients and that is not something that you want to do.

  3. The second tip is to be honest.
  4. Remember that every person reviewing your essay will have a list of the things that you accomplished. They will have your grades. So do not lie or embellish. If you were the treasurer of your club come up with that. Do not lie and say that you were the president. Not everyone is going to be the star of everything they do. If you are honest about your achievements and your titles, you will feel much better.

  5. The third tip is to be unique.
  6. Don't just list your interests or your activities. Think about what makes you distinctive. Think about how you are different from the thousands of other students who are applying to the same school.

  7. The fourth tip is to be coherent.
  8. Don't try to talk about everything in your paper. You might sound busy, but you might also sound superficial. Remember that your application is just a snapshot of the things that you do and it will not be a complete picture of yourself. But that is okay. Don't babble. Right about a single subject at a time.

  9. Avoid humor.
  10. While you might think that a humorous paper will give the admissions officers a night break from the mundane review process, remember that not everyone will have your sense of humor. Some admissions officers may find your joke to be particularly offensive and as a result of that offense, they may not think you are a good match for that school.

Posted by December 22nd, 2014