Writing Top-Notch Law School Admission Essays

Top-notch law schools earn their titles because they provide the best legal education in the country. When you are striving to get into one of these top tier law schools, it is vital that you write the absolutely best law school admission essay that you can. Lawyers need to be able to write and the top-notch law schools will not accept any candidates who cannot write a clear, precise, and thoughtful essay.

When you are writing your essay, there are a few important things to include. If you have any of the following issues, your essay will be put into the “NO” pile:

  1. Spelling errors - Do not rely on spell check.
  2. Punctuation errors - Do not rely on grammar check. Be aware of your semi-colon usage.
  3. Grammar errors - Grammar check will not catch them all. Know your weaknesses and check them over and over again.
  4. Paragraphing errors - Make sure the paragraphs make sense.
  5. Tone and style flaws - Stay consistent and interesting. Avoid cliches in your topic and your writing.

When it comes time to actually choose a topic that will help you get into a top-notch law school, it can be very helpful to talk to actual lawyers practicing in the field. Ask them about the topics of discussion in their law offices and what they think would be interesting topics for a school admissions essay. Men and women who are working in the field are the best sources for interesting topics because they are surrounded by them each day.

Differentiate Yourself with a Unique Essay Topic

Writing your law school admissions essay is the one way that you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. It is not necessarily a time to brag about the mission trips you have taken or the time that you have working with orphans in India. There are so many students who have volunteered and many admissions officers are very tired of reading those essays.

One fact that many applicants to law school do not realize is that there are more lawyers than there are open law positions. This is because there are so many students in law school. When you are writing your essay, keep this in mind. You might want to share how you can help the career so that other lawyers (especially the unemployed or underemployed) can use their expensive and worthy law degrees. You do not have to be self-centered to differentiate yourself from the other applicants when you write your essay.

Posted by September 20th, 2013