What to do before you submit a scholarship essay

There are many final steps you should take before you submit your scholarship essay. As a writer it is hard to determine when your work is “finished” or “complete” but following these steps is a great place to start.

Check Originality

Before you submit your scholarship essay you want to make sure that it is original. Plagiarized content will get you nowhere with a scholarship committee. If your word length permits it you can add a quote so long as it is properly referenced. There are websites such as smallseotools and copyscape that you can use to check the originality of your work.

Why You Should Win

You should make sure that your essay clearly states why you should receive the scholarship. If the essay poses a question then you should make sure your essay clearly answers it.

Have a Main Point

You need a main point and not a series of random thoughts thrown together. In addition to this you want to make sure your essay is not just a sob story. You won’t win over the judges by stating why you had a hard knock life and should be given money. You will win over the judges by stating the lessons you have learned from your hard knock life and how you will use these lessons to succeed if you are given the scholarship.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Information

You need to avoid unnecessary or meaningless information. The scholarship committee has a stack of essays to get through and the more concise you are the more appealing your essay will be. Coherent information and an interesting main point will distinguish you from other applicants in a heartbeat.


You of course want to proofread your work. This does not just mean using spell check and getting rid of the ever offensive misuse of their/there/they’re. This means double checking all of the grammar. You can use websites such as grammarly to double check and then read over the content again prior to submission. When you proofread your essay you should look for run-on sentences or fragmented sentences and fix them. You should make sure that you don’t change tenses mid-way through a sentence. Make sure you don’t have plural subjects with singular verbs or singular subjects with plural verbs. Don’t let a sloppy essay or a typographical error be the difference between winning your scholarship and losing it.

Posted by June 10th, 2014