FSU Application Essay: The Different Parts of It

For those students thinking of going to college, application essay is almost necessary to be considered by the admissions board. This paper will help inform the college as to your potential as a future student for their school. It is important that all high school students take this paper very seriously, fully read and understand the different specifics of it. Failure to do so can lead to a rejected application and possible payment for future applications. Florida State University is a great University that prides itself on providing the best educational experience for their students.

Potential Students at FSU

The college admissions board at FSU requires that all potential students finish and complete a application essay that they have made available on their website. The current essay topic title concerns picking a characteristic that is most appealing to the student. The list of characteristics include: leadership, service, education and world knowledge. The application essay is also required to be 500 words or less. These parameters will allow the college board to see which students are qualified to attend their school. A student should allow themselves at least two weeks to create this essay, so it is not rushed.

Specifics of a Good Essay 

A 500 word essay should be formatted according to the customary style of most essays. This means that the essay should have a catchy title. This title should be approximately five to seven words long and should give the reader an idea about what has been written. After the title should come the introduction. A good introduction is a detailed paragraph that tells the reader about the history or background of the subject or keyword. This will help set the tone of the article and give the reader something to expect from the essay.

Next the paper should transitions smoothly and effortless with the help of a transitional sentence. This will come at the end of the introduction and is used to link the introduction to the body of the essay. The number of body paragraphs is up to the students discretion. It is advised to create at least two to three body paragraphs that go into deeper details about certain aspects of the subject or topic. Finally the conclusion should tie up any loose ends within the paper and provide a summary of the work. This is a great time to revisit any findings or interesting points of the paper.

Posted by June 19th, 2013