Interesting college application essay ideas

Application essays are a very important part of the college admissions process. A fantastic student could be rejected simply because he or she submits a poor essay. It works the other way as well – a student with passable scores could be admitted into the school of his or her dreams because a stellar application essay.

What the essay should not be

The essay should not be a tedious list of the student’s life accomplishments. This reads as boring as it sounds. Extracurricular activities also do not belong in the essay; there is usually room for them on the application form.

What the essay should be

It should tell about who you are inside. It should be about your personality. Your grades already prove you’re smart. In what way are you thoughtful and mature? That’s what the essay should be about.

Add a touch of humor; just a little. Show humility and generosity in your writing. Don’t sound like you are whining. Don’t explain all the excuses of why you failed in this or didn’t excel in that.

Reveal your personality and character. Make sure the mechanics of your essay are perfect; there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be. If you can’t make them perfect yourself, hire someone to do it for you. Mechanical errors will surely be a strike against you. This includes spelling, punctuation, grammar etc.

Interesting essay ideas

You should carefully choose an interesting idea for your essay. Sometimes there are prompts which are given. They are questions which get you thinking about your life and who you are so that you can choose a unique situation or experience to write about.

Ways to find the perfect topic idea

  • Read through the prompts given by the college and think about each one; write down what comes to your mind.
  • Discuss your ideas with someone who knows you well, and has some insight into your personality and life experiences. See what input they can give you about your ideas and ways to make them interesting.
  • Discuss your ideas with another person; someone who doesn’t know you so well. The purpose here is to see if your idea is interesting to an outside listener. The admissions committee will be made up of people who don’t know you.
  • If possible, get some ideas from people who have written fabulous admissions essays that were accepted. Their input would be invaluable.

Posted by October 7th, 2013