How to Write a Good Law Admission Essay

Admission essays are never easy. Think about it: you don’t exactly get trained in writing a personal statement about yourself, your future or what you bring to academic society. In fact, admission essays walk a very fine line between highly personal and logically convincing; a line that not many people can navigate easily. This line becomes even thinner and harder to tread when you move away from general admission essays to law school admission essays. These types of personal admission statements have some far different aspects than your general application essays. Below are listed several key tips to future law students that don’t want to bomb their admission essays. Remember these simple rules and you’re far more likely to have an easier time entering law school.

  • Recognize realities. Law school is about realistic notions, objectivity and hard work. Fantastical dreams of grandeur aren’t exactly going to hit a high note. When you apply to a law school, your admission essay should address the realities of your future endeavors. Always make sure your plans and hopes are clear, but also explain that you know the kind of work, perseverance and dedication it will take to achieve your eventual goals.
  • Know this isn’t like a regular admission essay. When students are fist told to write an admissions essay towards entering college, they’re encouraged to pinpoint an exciting story, dramatic event or meaningful quote and run with it. This may be great for capturing the attention of a general admissions officer, but for law school it’s a big no. You can still use a hook – a quote or a hypothetical situation – but recognize that even-thinking, honesty and insight gains a lot more respect and attention from law school than drama and emotion.
  • Honesty is the best policy. There’s a reason lawyers get a bad rap. It’s because a lot of them like to exaggerate, manipulate and even straight out lie to get what they want. In an admissions essay, the reader can tell when you’re being a little excessive. This is an immediate turn off and it will leave you looking like an incompetent fool. Just be honest. Be honest about who you are, what you want, what you believe, etc. Law schools wants to deal with integral, honest people, not showy crowd-pleasers.
  • Stay positive and clear. Don’t fall into a pity-my party or illuminate your trials and tribulations to gain merit – law schools don’t like this. Stay as positive and upbeat as possible without sacrificing the intelligent tone of your paper. Also ensure that everything you communicate is dealt with clearly and concisely. As a future professional in law, you’ll have to practice communicating clearly and concisely every day, so isn’t your admissions essay a good place to start?

Posted by October 9th, 2012