Help with personal statement writing: hints for being likable

Writing a personal statement doesn’t have to be stressful when you keep in mind a few aspects about how to write about yourself. The key here is to present details you know the acceptance committee will find interesting. You should be comfortable in presenting information you want the school to know about you. When you try to be someone you are not it doesn’t help and it may increase chances of getting rejected. The following points are things to consider when reviewing pertinent characteristics and qualities about you.

Be Honest About Yourself

Most schools reviewing personal statements don’t want to waste their time reading about made up or fabricated qualities that will do their establishment no good. Even if your personal statement is for a school assignment, you wouldn’t want to make a fool out of yourself presenting information that is not true. You will look foolish when someone wants proof and it is best to like yourself for who you are. Think about achievements you have made and the journey you took to reach your goal. There should be something there you feel worthy of mentioning in your statement what would make you likable.

What Qualities Are Likely to Help You Get Accepted?

Think about the standards of the school in question and how your characteristics meet them. Do you see yourself as hardworking and a goal setter? What are things you like about the school that you feel compliment who you are as a developing professional for your field of interest? You can review samples of personal statements to get some ideas on what is likable. Think about concepts and details you come across when you meet a new person. What is it about them that you like and feel as if you want to get to know them more?

Share Something Unique or Special with Humor

If you can be humorous about yourself it can speak volumes. While it is often recommended to keep humor to a minimum, it may help you in getting your content reviewed by the acceptance committee. You may be thinking about a situation in which you were embarrassed or you dealt with a struggle, that in the end, you learned a valuable lesson you could laugh about today. You can still consider adding something special about you even without humor.

Posted by December 15th, 2013