High School Personal Statement Format

A good personal statement is a great way for a high school student to prepare themselves for college. Before delving into the format of a good personal statement, it is good to understand what one is. A personal statement is simply a essay about a student's progress throughout their academic careers. This essay takes a look at the different obstacles, awards, achievements and honors that a student may have received while in high school. A personal statement may be necessary to get into college, transfer to another school or even receive a scholarship. The importance of writing a good personal statement can not be understated as this is the only thing that a admissions board can draw off of. This statement will give them a fundamental look at the student's overall performance.

Getting Started

To begin with it is important to organize all of a student's achievements and awards by how and why. By how it is important that the student go into detail explain how the achievement was won. Did the student write an incredible article or essay? Did the student show some random act of courage or sportsmanship? These questions must be answered completely in order for a college admissions board to fully appreciate the student's achievements. Also, the student must explain why they did what they did. What were the motivating factors behind their decisions or choices? Were they in a position of power? Where they trying to better their school by their actions? These give an admissions board a better look at the character of the student.

Also it is a great idea for a student to read over the application to have a better understanding for what is expected by the admissions board. Do they expect length and detailed accounts or a simple general story of the student's achievements.

Find A Topic

The topic is the student's life and scholastic awards and contributions. It may be hard for some students to pick just one topic, so it is advised that they pick a topic that they are most proud of. Try to think back to one award or achievement that filled your heart with extreme joy or pride after completing it. When you write about this experience the joy and happiness you felt will transition through your writing and onto the application. This will allow the admissions board to better appreciate the student's work. This will also give the admission board an in depth look at the personality of the student. Things to consider and added to a personal statement include highlights of character, strength, achievement, personal perseverance and special skills.

Look of the Statement and Drafts

The formatting of the Statement should look the same as any essay written. It should have a introduction that gives some background information or history on the subject. This should be preceded by a body that has 1-3 paragraphs that break the subject down into appropriate parts and expounds upon them. This will be concluded with a conclusion that summarizes the essay and rephrase all the information presented. The conclusion is also used to tie up any loose ends that may have confused the reader.

It may be a good idea for a student to write a few drafts before submitting the final copy of the personal statement. These drafts will give a student the ability to look at and revise their personal statement. Revision allows the student to submit the best piece of work that they possible can. Also, revising your paper allows a student to add any necessary or last minute additions to their personal statement before submission. A student should consider doing at least three drafts: A rough draft, a brainstorming draft(that includes new ideas and alternatives) and finally a final copy.

Posted by June 19th, 2013