How To Write A Winning Admission Paper: A Tried And Tested Technique

When writing a winning admissions paper, you should incorporate the following techniques to ensure your essay is the best:

  • Make a list of the items you need to complete, and then break those down into more manageable tasks. By making a small list, you can figure out what is the most important and what needs to be tackled first. Remember to be realistic about your essay writing. You do not have to get it all done for every school to which you applying at once. While it is great to tell yourself that in one night you will finish all of your work for all of the colleges to which you applying, if you know deep down in your gut that this is not true, do not write it down as a goal. Continuing to write down goals that you miss will only leave you feeling unmotivated. On the other hand, if you set goals that you know you can accomplish, then meeting them regularly will renew your self-confidence and leave you motivated to keep going.

  • Remember to start early. The earlier you begin on the essays, the more time you have to edit, review, and have others look over it before you file it. This can make or break a good essay too. If you have any errors in your paper that could have been caught with a simple edit, it will indicate to the review committee that you did not care enough about your admissions to review the paper before submitting it. So start early and you will not be pressed for time when you are editing.

  • On that note, remember that the first draft is important, but it is not the final piece. It is important because it signals that you started. Just starting on the first draft, even if you are unsure of what to say can go a long way for your final piece. But the first draft is just that: a first draft. It is note the final piece. You will go through many other drafts, change your angle, showcase different examples, all before you settle on the final topic. And note that this is completely normal. No student ever wrote a perfect draft the first time, and neither will you. But your final draft will be great if you dedicate enough time to it.

Posted by November 26th, 2014