Writing Great Essays For Scholarships: Tips & Examples

Writing a paper for a scholarship can be quite a challenging task. You need to come up with strong ideas for the topic, include relevant and useful data in the body, develop strong major arguments, follow a logical order and show why you are capable of this grant. You should not compose a general essay for all the scholarships you apply to. Each college admission committee and scholarship organization has its own requirements. You need to understand those requirements and create a custom essay to be able to win it

Students find it hard to write a winning essay because of many reasons. It is best to sort out what is holding you from creating a great paper and then address your problems individually. You can always seek for expert opinion and suggestion in order to complete a great paper. Below are tips from an expert that will help you achieve perfection in your essay

  • Address the essay prompt
  • You should be able to understand the question and focus of this paper. The best way is to divide the question or statement into easy parts and see what they require you to do. Sometimes the answer lies within the question itself. You need to have a good understanding of the question in order to answer and address it

  • Understand the requirements
  • Not all essays will have same requirements. You should be able to figure out what specifications you should include in your paper to make it stand out and match the exact requirements. You need to understand the preferences of the school or organization awarding the scholarship

  • Follow the right format
  • You should start your paper with a strong introduction where you present your topic. This should be able to give enough insight to your audience so that they understand what your paper is about. After the introduction, you will add the body paragraphs depending upon the number of major arguments in your paper. Finally, write the conclusion of your paper in the last paragraph

  • Consider your target audience
  • Keep the organization and admission officers in your mind while writing. You do not have to write what you like but what they want to read.

  • Be honest and unique
  • Do not try to copy someone else rather represent your own unique self in your paper


  • Do not add jargons and obsolete terms
  • Edit and proof read your paper

Posted by February 25th, 2015