Tips On How To Write A Personal Essay For College Admission

The personal essay is a great opportunity for students to show to a college admissions board why they would make a great contribution to the school. It is a chance to show them something about your personality and character. Your application is a great many lists of your grades and achievements but it fails to speak about who you are a person and what your character is like. The essay is where you have that chance. So it is important that you take the opportunity seriously and get help you might need writing or editing it and also take the time you need to get it done correctly. When you write your essay make sure that you have clear and concise language. Use words that evoke emotions and senses which the reader needs to understand the story.

Stay organized. Make sure that your final piece has an introduction which is clear and effectively sets the tone for the rest of your paper. Don’t force the reader to guess the purpose of the essay. As the writer you are the one in control. That means that you can guide the reader to where ever you want so long as you do it properly. When you write your essay take note of the fact that your mechanics will matter a great deal. If your essay is full of any of the following it can damage your chances of acceptance:

  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Grammatical problems

If your essay is riddled with distractions it will interfere with the reader’s ability to get through your essay. Each error will distract the reader from the content of your paper. Even if you have one or two errors they will stand out to the reader which will show to them that you did not care enough about your essay to review it and find the errors. It may also reflect poorly on your writing abilities.

If writing is not your biggest strength then it is important that you get some help with your application essay. You should ask a close teacher to review it for you or find a friend or family member with strong editing skills to review it. If you cannot find help in these areas remember that there are many online sources of editing help which can critique your paper before you submit it.

Posted by October 25th, 2014