What to know about admission essay advisers

It is a requirement in almost all colleges for students to write an application or admission essay when they are making an application for admission. The admission process is often quite competitive since many qualified student do apply and the admission board at times has to make decisions based on the impression they get from the application essay and supplementary essay questions. Since many students have applied it helps a lot for someone to know not just how to write but also what to write in an application essay. This is where the admission essay advisors come in. The advisors provide advice and guidance that enables students to reach their peak performance and make their best impression in the minds of the admission board, thereby increasing the student’s chances of being selected.

Some of the services are rendered for free while others charge. These services include:

  • Personalized individual essay advisory services on how to write application essays for secondary schools, colleges and university.
  • Advice on how to present oneself during the interview so as to make a lasting positive impression
  • Coaching services

The services can be a one on one session; it could be via phone or video conferencing or through email. Most admission essay advisory services involve a four step process. As follows;

  • a) Brainstorming
  • This phase of the process involves an initial interaction between the student and the essay advisory service provider. It is aimed at developing an idea, topic or concept that the student can write about for their admission essay. This stage is crucial because it helps a student develop a creative topic that they can write effectively about.

  • b) Outlining
  • Once a good creative topic has been identified, its subject and content is discussed in detail. Such would include structuring the beginning, body and ending of the essay, identifying events that will make the essay interesting, worth reading and compelling to the admission board. Lastly it helps to identify the key values that the student has and how it would be an asset to the learning institution.

  • c) Writing phase
  • This phase is the actual writing of the essay which basically involves writing the essay in an orderly, systematic and sequential manner. The advisor helps the student to prepare so that by the time it comes to writing the essay is already in their heads

  • d) Editing
  • After the student has finished writing the essay the advisers often go through the essay to correct spelling and grammatical errors. This ensures that the work when submitted is free from errors.

Posted by March 7th, 2014