Purchase College Admissions Online

Often the most challenging part of a college application is the essay. Many feel it’s a make or break prospect with the potential to ruin everything they’ve worked for. As such, resources for better college essays are many. One industry that has grown from this demand are services which will actually write your college admission essay for you. Obviously, this is a controversial issue, so we’ll address both sides.

The Benefits of Purchasing a College Essay

The internet has assured that there is no lack of suppliers when it comes to buying your college admissions essay. That being said, the internet has also provided that some of these services are more dubious than others, in an industry that is already quite dubious by itself. As often does, though, the internet self corrects, meaning you can generally find review sites or other endorsements of one provider over another. Obviously if you know someone with experience using them, their vote should count the most. As college essays tend to hover around a thousand words or so, most services come rather cheap. This helps hedge any investments you make in their outcome. Should one not workout the way you were hoping, you can try a second option.

In order to further guard against losses, purchase your essay early enough that should it fall through, you still have time to write your own or order another.

The Risks Involved

Most people would see the main downside of paying for your college essay that you are cheating. In fact, colleges generally have you sign some kind of documentation that attests to the fact that everything you’re handing in is one hundred percent original and yours. If this doesn’t bother you, however, the other potential downside is getting caught. Besides not being accepted to the college, there’s a chance they could press charges or otherwise notify your other colleges of your transgression. Many schools today use one of any number of software that allow them to check a given document against any on the internet and often millions in a stored archive. So unless you trust that your essay provider is being completely original every single time and order comes in, you could be making it very easy to get caught.

The two main ways to guard against this is to give the service a specific topic you want the essay to be about (whether or not the college asks for one). This makes it much more difficult for your service to simply send you an unoriginal generic. Secondly, go through the essay yourself and employ synonyms on some of the word choices. Doing so guarantee syou a degree of originality.

Posted by September 16th, 2013