What to avoid while writing an admission essay

Writing An Admission Essay

An admission essay is the single most important document created by an applicant to a university, college or other institution of higher education. An admissions essay gives an applicant the opportunity to explain his or her case directly to the admissions committee and convince them that he or she is the right fit for the program and the institution.

An admission essay needs to effectively convey a lot of information about the applicant in a relatively short word limit. An applicant needs to do several things in order to maximize his or her chances of acceptance. The applicant must explain his or her academic performance and give reasons for any shortcomings if any exist. The applicant must mention their personal strengths and weaknesses, preferably with examples of how they have used these qualities to their benefit. The applicant must portray himself or herself as a well rounded individual with a life outside academics. This is best done by mentioning any extracurricular activities or sports that the applicant has taken part in.

What Not To Write In An Admission Essay

There are certain things that must always be avoided in an admission essay. The first of these is the lack of a structure.

An admission essay must have a logical structure. Experiences should be mentioned in chronological order and everything should make sense when read from start to finish. An admission essay without a structure tends to ramble on and on without getting to the point. In worse case, it is even possible to make a point and inadvertently contradict it later on in the same essay.

Another thing that admission essays should never have is excessive accounts of hardships. An admission essay that dwells excessively on the hardships faced by the applicant tells the admissions committee that the applicant is still trapped in those hardships and is unwilling to move beyond them. Such a perception comes with a high probability of rejection.

Yet another thing that should always be avoided in an admission essay is irrelevant information. There may be a lot of things that you find interesting but there is no reason the admissions committee should share your sentiments. It is important to make sure that there is absolutely no irrelevant information in your admission essay.

Finally, the last thing that should be avoided is an overly long admission essay. These essays have a word limit for a reason. That reason is that the admission committee needs to go through a large number of essays in a very short time. It pays to keep your admission essay short and to the point.

Posted by March 18th, 2014