Creating a Hyper-Sophisticated Entrance Essay

High school seniors who dream of attending their first choice college are handed the task of writing an entrance essay to submit with their application. The entrance essay writing process is largely intuitive. What this means is that you aren't really taught the "right' way to compose one. Instead, it really is about taking what you know about essay writing and adding a personal touch. The students who get accepted to the school of their choice set themselves apart by writing sophisticated entry papers. To help more seniors learn how to do this, we have included a list of entrance essay writing tips that are certain to enhance your application.

  1. Visit your choice school's website and study it carefully.
  2. Understanding the mission statement of the College or University that you are applying for is important because it will help you know how to focus your entrance paper. Remember, you want to make yourself look appealing to the admissions readers. You can do this by mentioning the school values in your own paper.

  3. Tell Them Why You Have Chosen Their Institution
  4. This is something that smart students remember to do. Even if the essay question doesn't directly ask make sure you respond to the question "Why do you want to go to this school?" at some point in your paper. This is some that the admission's readers will be look for.

  5. Use a Formal Essay Structure
  6. Work from an outline and compose the paper just like you would any other formal essay. The only difference with an entrance essay is that you are specifically talking about your self in the composition. By following the proper essay format you will also demonstrate that you are a proficient writer who is ready for College (or University). This is something that admission's readers find very attractive because most College curriculums require a fair bit of essay writing.

  7. Address The Committee Directly In Your Conclusion
  8. Do not pretend that you do not know who is reading the application. Instead, feel free to introduce yourself directly to admissions in a respectful manner. Let them know how you appreciate them taking the time to consider you and how badly you would like to attend the specific institution. This will add another level of professional sophistication to your paper and demonstrate that you can communicate maturely.

Posted by March 13th, 2014