How To Write A Personal Statement: Common Required Things

A personal statement should be personal. Meaning, there should be details in it that others may not know about you. These details should relate to why you are hoping to gain admission in the school. You want your statement to grab attention of the reader. Your content should be insightful and compelling. You need to think about what information will set you apart from the other applicants. When considering what your personal statement needs you should think about the essentials and how your personal details will fit in. The following list of elements is commonly found in well-written personal statements.

  • Why do you want to study the course or be accepted into the school? You need to define your reason for wanting to be accepted. What is your motivation? Present information related to your interests or how you aspired to be where you are now.

  • Tell your reason why you are the right student for inclusion. You need to provide evidence that you are the student for this course and you meet the school criteria. Whatever your topic is for your personal statement be sure to stay on point and remain focused when presenting details about yourself.

  • Is there related activity you have completed outside of class you think the school would find beneficial? This can be anything from blogs to attending lectures. You may want to mention you have done further reading on the matter to help yourself stay current with details or grow personal knowledge.

  • How this is relevant to your career choice and educational needs? You need to provide insight on how the school will help you achieve goals and why they are important in this stage of your journey.

  • Talk about skills you have and what is transferable. Many schools enjoy working with students that can adapt to new procedures and concepts. How is this aspect relevant to what you want to do career-wise? Present elements regarding to skills you have and skills you want to improve. Talk about things you have done in the past with your skills and what you would like to do with those you want to improve.

  • Show critical thinking abilities. You want to show you can think independently and you are able to tackle challenges on your own.

  • Do you have long term goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

Posted by October 20th, 2014