Where To Find A Winning Example Of A College Application Essay

A college application essay can be crucial to the decision of admission committee, that’s why everything possible should be done to create the best piece of writing. Your paper should impress the committee members and show them your best skills and features; it should be personal and introduce your unique qualities. As a rule, you are supposed to tell an interesting narrative story about yourself, explain why you chose this college in particular, or convey your personal ideas on the issue. One of the best ways to prepare for this writing endeavor is to look through the winning college application essay examples. Here are some places where the best samples are likely to be found.

  • The Internet.
  • Nowadays, it is the most popular and comfortable way of obtaining the needed information. All you should do is simply use your search engine. You will get dozens of links to the pages with wording “essays that worked.” Educational websites usually contain these materials. The real successful examples that were nominated by the admission committees of different colleges will be available there. Pay close attention to them and look for the patterns. How did they hook the admission officers?

    Apart from that, you may find great application essay samples on “how to do” websites. As a rule, there are detailed guidelines and tips there, and they are supported with the proper examples. Make use of these resources to the full extent.

  • Library.
  • There is a vast selection of different types of academic papers in the library, and believe it or not, you may grasp unique examples there. Ask librarian to help you search for the personal and narrative writing samples. It is more probable that the needed examples will be known this way, rather than “college application essays.”

  • Your teacher.
  • Your teacher can be very helpful when it comes to the college admission. He or she will be eager to assist you at all the preparation levels, and application essay is no exception. Ask your teacher for the best examples, read them carefully, and draw conclusions. You may efficiently use one of these samples as a proper template; borrow the style, structure, and a couple of tricks.

The more examples you read, the better it is for you. Compare them, look for the regularities, and read the reviews (if you are working online.) You will definitely be inspired to create the best story that will add one more advantage to your total score.

Posted by March 18th, 2015