How to write a good college admissions essay - online assistance

One of the really good things about the Internet is that there is plenty of useful information for specific projects. If you are writing a college admissions essay, you want to be sure you are getting sound practical advice. Remember that your fate is determined by your ability to write this essay. Do it well and you greatly increase your chances of winning admission. So here are some online tips which can successfully boost the quality of your college admission essay.

  • Make your essay unique by being an individual.
  • Always tell the truth and do not embellish your achievements.
  • Less is more and always will be.
  • Fewer topics well told are better than too many topics.
  • Anecdotes can be very effective.

You need to understand that you are in a competition. You are in a race and the first across the line is the winner. Only in this case the judge is the person or persons at the college who are reading your admissions essay. If you make your essay the story of an individual, someone who is unique, you set yourself apart from the others. That alone improves your chances of success.

You are treading on very thin ice if you choose to embellish your achievements. Telling the truth is a basic component of your admissions essay. You're asking for trouble if you claim to have done something you haven't done.

There may be a regulation that you write at least 250 words for your college admissions essay. You could certainly write more than that but if you go beyond 750 words you may very well be rejected due to boredom. Understand the situation. Someone has to read all of these college admission essays and the longer you write the harder you make the task for the reader. Do yourself a favour and remember that less is more.

You would do better to write more about a few interesting aspects of your life rather than a few words about many aspects of your life. Reveal your true nature and personality through a detailed description of a few of your major achievements. Mind you, you could also mention things that didn't work.

One of the best ways to make your essay interesting is to include an anecdote. A simple well-told true story can bring your essay to life and help you in your quest to win a place at that particular college.

Posted by July 25th, 2014