Personal experiences essays: how to stand out

When you write about a personal experience the details associated with it are important. There are aspects in writing about them that can make the essay more of challenge. You may be able to have a visual on what happened and how it occurred, but how it made you feel and why you want to share it may be other aspects that can be difficult to connect to the reader. For the most part, it helps to take notes on what you feel are significant aspects of the experience, then think about how to form such concepts and thoughts into structured sentences and paragraphs that easily transitions into readable content.

Know What Content You Should Share

You may need to think about this for a while before attempting to write about it. Depending on who the essay is being written for, you should think about what experienced would be appropriate for the purpose or occasion. This can help you recall details related to it better and get you more comfortable to write about it. Think about details related to the event and why you feel the event overall is significant enough to write down on paper. Think about it logically and what, if anything, was learned from it.

Why is the Experience Relevant?

As just mentioned, you want to take time to think about the experience and understand what was learned from it. In many cases, a personal experience essay helps detail what happened, why, and what was learned from it. It can be a rewarding experience to write about something you have learned or a lesson you got from the experience. Some people may not have learned a concept or aspect if it wasn’t for the experience occurring. This is the aspect you may be trying to capture that you need to write on paper.

Understand How to Write Actions Connected to the Experience

Once you determine details of significance related to the experience you want to share, now comes the challenging aspect of getting these thoughts lined up on paper. It helps to keep the logical aspect of the experience in mind. Write the events of the experience in order as it happened. Think about how you want to introduce what you have learned and why it was important you learned it. Each person may have learned similar lessons, but how you learned it may be just as important.

Posted by November 22nd, 2013