Guidelines For Writing Persuasive College Admission Essays

College admission essays might just be the most important essays you write in your entire academic career. As it turns out, one of the leading factors for success in life is the college that you get into, so you need to make your college admission essays count. Realize that no matter what anyone tells you, all college application essays are persuasive in nature, because you need to persuade someone to accept you to the school you are trying to get into. To do this, try a few useful things. First, do not be a try hard, nobody likes a show off. Still, make sure that you show enough of yourself to get them interested, and keep trying and editing until you get the essay that you deserve.

Do not be arrogant or try too hard when writing your essay. Remember that the person reading it has read your application already, so trying to fit in all the activities you do or all the reasons why you are awesome is going to come off as needy and desperate. Seducing a college is much like seducing a woman; you need to be someone subtle, but also honest and forthright. None of this can be achieved by cramming in random things about you that are positives, and besides, you are wasting words that could otherwise be spent on other things.

The things to spend that on are honestly being very honest about the person you are. Are you driven? Thoughtful? Creative? Make sure that this is what comes through on your essay. Instead of pleading with the school, just show them who you are. It does not need to be stressful, as admissions officers can read into if you are panicking or not. It is best to be calm, collect your thoughts, and put your best words forward, so to speak.

Even though you are being yourself that does not mean that, you can be sloppy. Edit your essays! Get five opinions, edit your essays, and then have them looked over again! Get as many opinions as possible, choose the right ones, and keep at it. Every word should be perfect, and no word should be wasted. It is best that you take your time and make sure that your responses are exactly how you want to present yourself. This is your future, after all. To put that all at risk because of a comma splice or misspelling? That is madness.

Posted by September 12th, 2014