Choosing College Scholarship Essay Topics: A Quick Guide

Selecting a topic for a scholarship essay has its challenges. Students need to consider an essay topic that meets guidelines and something they can easily write that will be received well by the approval committee. This means you want to take special notice as to how you develop your topic in order to come up with something unique or out of the ordinary. It is an easy process but it will require a little time and devotion on your part. Here are a few points to consider when choosing your college scholarship essay topic.

  • Select a topic that fits guidelines for the essay. Many students struggle with selecting a topic because it doesn’t fit guidelines for the paper. This is important since it affects the writing process. You can choose a topic that fits your interests but keep guidelines in mind as this will help you find something suitable you can write about.
  • Review previous ideas for scholarship essays through samples. You can find sample papers online through academic paper databases available for students. They provide papers you can read for free completed by other academic students. You can review an entire list of papers on different topics and subjects. Many sites will have them organized for you or you can use their search tool to look for a specific paper.
  • Select a topic you can provide information about well suitable with your interests. Your interests are important when it comes to choosing a good essay topic. You need to be able to provide interesting details you want others to know. If the topic is not interesting to you it will be difficult to write about it. You can make a list of interests and consider brainstorming with those that are a better fit with guidelines.
  • Be honest about your selection to provide unique information about your topic. If you are expected to provide information related to yourself be honest. It makes it easier to write the essay knowing you are providing details you can prove later if the subject comes up again.
  • Get a second opinion when in doubt. You can get insight from people you know and trust on your topic selection. Some students ask other students or people who are working in the career field they are studying for possible ideas.

Posted by March 30th, 2015