Role of Art in Education, Economic Status and Jobs of the European Citizens in the1500s.

Art can be defined as several human activities and a variety of products which originate from the human activities. This is a clear indication that there are numerous forms of art. Art is majorly related to concepts such as the interpretation and creativity of individuals. During the 1500s, art had a radical effect on the social, economic and political of most states. This paper will discuss the role played by art in the education, economic status and jobs of the European citizens in the1500s.

During the1500s, art significantly affected the education system in most of the European countries. This is evident based on the development that has been made possible by educated individuals. The education gained by these individuals enabled them to form governments, customs and laws that are used to govern them till recently. This depicts that the history of art enabled the European citizens to understand the significance of education. In this era, most of the artists were considered as important individuals in the society based on their educational level.

In addition, they also formed kingdoms all over Europe as presented by the impression of various artists. This also led to the rise of Christianity which is one of the most common religions in the world. Art also increased the number of job opportunities because it enabled various individuals to expose their talents through the activities they performed. Some of the job opportunities related to art include architecture, music, dancing and filming among others. Since the 1500s, individuals engaged in several forms of art hence more job opportunities were created in numerous sectors.

The economy in Europe was also affected immensely by the discipline of art. Research asserts that the economy in Europe was significantly boosted by the job opportunities and the education system. Several individuals were employed in various sectors all over Europe to provide skilled labor. The availability of labor force in Europe sustained and enhanced the economy of the countries in Europe. The economy of Europe was also sustained by the availability of capital among other crucial resources that sustained trade between other states. The formation of the triangular trade between Europe, the Americans and Africa was also associated with art and capital. There were other businesses that were also carried out including livestock keeping, crop farming, fishing and textile industries among others.

Posted by February 10th, 2013