Admission essay guide: don't be afraid to take risks

In an important essay, it can be important to take calculated risks. When used correctly, a risk can be used to your advantage and therefore be beneficial to you, so don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone what to do something that you might not necessarily always do. Ultimately, you want your admission essay to be as positive and exceptional as possible; if this means take a few appropriate risks, then it can be well worth it in the long run.

How taking risks could work in your favor

Some people get so worried about admission essays that they play it safe and what they produce ends up being boring and uninspiring. Obviously, with an admission essay, you want something that will stick out. It is worth bearing in mind, that you what it to catch attention for the right reasons so, so beware of what risks you do take, and be certain they are appropriate. Take the risk and see how it can work for you, if it stands out in a positive way and makes you remembered, then that can only be a good thing.

The difference between good risks and bad risks

Good risks catch the reader’s attention and come across as being positive. These stick in the mind. Bad risks will portray you in a negative light and, whilst you may stick out, it might not be for the best reasons. Bad risks include the style and way you’ve actually written the essay, such as too informal or generally it a way that is off-putting. However, bad risks will more likely to be about the content itself, and what you have included. You want to come across as being impressive, but not arrogant, so choose your wording carefully. Furthermore, include things that are out of the norm, but only if they are socially acceptable and are unlikely to be seen as negative.

Knowing when to and when not to take a risk can be crucial. Obviously, you have to use your own judgement there, but don’t be so afraid of taking a risk that you don’t do so at all. Sometimes, the best opportunities in life come to those that take risks, it may not always seem like the easiest thing to do, but when it pays off it is very much worth it.

Posted by February 25th, 2014