How to Write a Good College Admission Essay

On a first date, would you share your transcript, resume, and/or medical records, would you? We don’t recommend it. The first date is a chance to show the other party who you are rather than telling him or her. Similarly to a first date, your college admission essay is your opportunity to give a unique personal perspective about who you are and why you are a necessary asset to their college. Some good simple, foolproof rules to follow to produce a good college admission essay include: unique perspective and just writing!

Unique Perspective

When writing your college admission essay, the initial impulse will be to drone on and on about your personal achievements and the content of your transcript. This is not the correct approach. Your college admissions board has already been provided with you transcripts, extracurricular and achievements on the form portion of the application, so there is no need to reiterate. Seize the essay portion of the admissions process to share something the board cannot glean from your application. Maybe you feel that you are the best candidate for their college because you always make the right decision, even when it is the hardest choice. This is an amazing quality that can be shared through an interesting narrative style, using your formal essay formatting.

Just Write

Once you have decided on the unique perspective you would like to share, allowing the college admissions board to get to know the true you, it is time to begin writing. Often when starting an essay, the most daunting task is just beginning to write. You may not have any great ideas at first, but we promise if you just begin writing whatever may come to mind, you will soon be writing without hesitation. Do not to be afraid to continue writing, you will work through the bumps and find a smooth pace. Also, anything you write that isn’t so great doesn’t need to stay—that brings us to our last tip for writing a successful college admissions essay.

Final steps in the college admission essay process are editing and work shopping your essay. Once you have written a few drafts of your essay, fine tuning language and syntax, it is helpful to get outside opinions. A friend, teacher or guidance counselor would be great sources for work shopping. Provide these people, as many as possible, with a copy of your essay. The more eyes that read your essay and receive input, the more attractive your essay will be to a wide audience. The more attractive your essay, the more likely you will be accepted to the college of your choice!

Posted by August 14th, 2014