5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Admission Essay

When it comes to writing the perfect admission essay, a lot of students are in the dark. With these five simple steps, however, students can go from oblivious and lost to confident and prepared! The best way to write a perfect college admission essay is to:

  • Have a hook. It’s unfortunate truth, but a truth just the same: when it comes down to it, most admission essays don’t get read past the first few sentences. Why is this? It’s because the author – you – doesn’t give them a reason to keep reading. It’s bland, boring, straightforward and dull. Your job, as the new student hoping to become their next college pupil, is to make them want to read your essay. Use a catchy, interesting hook – a quote, a startling story, anything. Essays that start with intrigue and enthusiasm are more likely to be read and enjoyed.
  • Make it entertaining. The biggest mistake that students make with admissions essays is to handle them like any old academic paper. This is not some bland report on cellular reproduction, though; it’s a paper inspiring your future college to select you from any number of valuable candidates. The only way to stay memorable to an admissions officer (who reads about ten thousands of these every year) is to make it worth reading. Tell an interesting story, pose a hypothetical situation or even relay a joke. Keep your essay entertaining and admissions officers are more likely to read the whole thing!
  • Try several different ideas. Maybe you have one hook you really like – great. Write an essay for that. Now find another hook or another brilliant idea, and write that. Continue this process until you have a good number of different, prospective admissions essays. The key is not to lock yourself in to the first vaguely smart thing that passes through your head. Keep your wheels turning – you never know when a golden, college-getting idea might spring up!
  • Don’t make it about you. Now, we all know that the admission essay is your chance to show off for your future college. Don’t get us wrong – you want them to like you, and you definitely want the admissions officer to be intrigued by you. What’s more important, however, is how the college will benefit from your student status. Bring to their attention what you will add to their institution and why they simple can’t do without you – instead of concentrating on everything you need form them.
  • Don’t write a book, and don’t write a summary. Less is not always more, and more is not always great. Your essay needs to be a happy medium between short and sweet, and lengthy and detailed. It can be a little longer if you manage to keep your reader entertained and interested throughout the piece, and it can be a little shorter if you catch interest in an emphatic way. The trick is, however, to know when an essay has gone on too long – or just needs a bit more punch to it.

Posted by October 1st, 2012