Finding non-plagiarized application essay examples

Writing essays can be a night mare for those students who do not have a command over the language. Some other students who are good with written skills also find it difficult because of the shortage of time. There are plenty of websites that offer essay samples to be used as a guideline and to follow the format of the essay. When you read through various essay examples you will grasp an idea of what should be the tone, style and content of your essay. There are websites on the web that use someone’s work without permission and give it as samples. This is unethical and if you use such an essay example you will be accused of intellectual dishonesty. Here are the tips that will save you from getting a plagiarized essay.

Don’t use free essays

Do not fall for free sites on the internet. The websites that claim to provide sample essays for free are usually laced with viruses and malware. No one offers anything for free, there is always a catch. Moreover these essays will be someone’s work that is being used without his permission. Yu should not risk your grade for a little amount of cash that you will save from these sites.

Hire a professional essay writer

If you do not want to buy a plagiarized essay you can hire a writer for writing your essay. This way you will get a custom essay written as per your demand and you will be sure of its uniqueness. You will not have to be troubled by the thought of using some other student’s hard work. There are many websites on the internet that will avail the freelance writers and professional writers who will write a custom essay on your demand. Such essay will surely pass the plagiarism check used by your professor because it will be new and original and no one has ever used it before.

Using academic sources online

Many professors and instructors upload sample essays on their official university websites to help the students get an idea about the format and structure of the essay they are supposed to submit. Even when you have not attended that professor’s lectures and class no one can stop you from taking advantage of the available samples from their official website. These samples are not copied because they are available on an authenticated source.

Posted by May 6th, 2015