Great Examples Of SAT Essays: Five Places To Start Looking

The SAT essay portion is a relatively new section to the test. Colleges want to know if their students can write. The communication skill of writing is important for a person in order for them to function in the upper academic world. The SAT essay needs to be written correctly, quickly, and with support. There are several places where you can locate examples for you to model your work by. You can look in study guides, SAT prep classes, and with a SAT tutor.

Study Guides

Several companies write and publish guides to help you have success on the test. You should purchase at least one, if not more, of these books in order to review the essays. Your writing will improve with each essay that you study and try to mirror in your paper. So, use study guides to prep for the composition portion of the exam.

Prep Classes

There are professional and school classes to help students get ready for these important college entrance exams. Some students will take the classes prior to the exams. The exams will help with essay skills, as well as help with the test-taking portion of the evaluation. You can find these class schedules at your guidance office, in the newspaper, or online. The cost usually depends upon how many people are in the class, as well as how long the class will last in time.

SAT Tutor

If you can afford to hire a tutor, do so. The personal care and instruction that you will receive is well worth the money you will spend. The tutor can guide you through all portions of the exam. You can write as many practice essays as you need, and the tutor can show you dozens of example compositions. The more that you look at with your tutor, the better progress that you can make. If you cannot afford an individual tutor, look into the cost of working with a tutor in a small group of students.

When you need to improve your paper for the SAT, you can find examples in several places. Remember, colleges will want you to be able to write properly for admission into their school. By looking at examples, you can model your writing after them. Look for the essays in study guides, in prep classes, and with your SAT tutor.

Posted by February 20th, 2015