How to Write a Catchy Personal Statement Letter

First let’s talk about what a personal statement is and why you need to write one. A personal statement is a piece of writing that tells prospective colleges or universities why they should take you in as a student in a specific program. Now, for why you need to write one: because personal statements allow universities and colleges a precise way to filter out applicants who are not completely enthusiastic about the program they want to get into, and those who are not suited for the particular program.

A Personal Statement is About YOU

Remember that this is specifically about who you are and why you need to be in the program you want to be admitted into. This is your chance to impress the admissions tutor, and the only real part of your application that you have much control over, so make it count! Here are a few questions you need to be able to answer in your personal statement:

  • Why do you want to study this program?
  • Why this particular university or college?
  • Do you have the expected qualifications for the program?
  • Are you a hard worker, conscientious, and not going to drop out?
  • How careful will you go about meeting the course demands?
  • Are you able to adjust to the new environment of the college or university?
  • Describe your communication skills?
  • Have you done research about this program and are determined to succeed?
  • Do you have a real interest in the program’s subject as well as a desire to learn more?

Other personal notes you should include are:

  • Which parts of the program that interest you most
  • What you have read related to this program (books, journals, etc.)
  • Personal experiences
  • Where you hope this program will take you in the future
  • Community work or volunteer work
  • Any conferences you’ve gone to related to your program
  • Prizes or achievements you’ve won
  • Hobbies or non-academic subjects you study

Basically, just show your real self, and why you really want to be accepted to this university or college, and your intent will shine through.  Once you’ve written down some notes on the above questions, if you are completely sure this is the program you want to be in, and then start your writing. If you are unsure, then take a step back to analyze what field you want to really be in, and don’t waste time writing a personal statement for a program you don’t like.

Posted by March 10th, 2013