How To Write An Essay For College Admission In 3 Easy Steps?

Recollection of career goals/ interest –

Recollect factors influencing your interests/ goals and their effect on your career decisions. This may involve noting down your journey so far, career interests or goals from childhood, major influences on your career choice/ decision and your passion or interest in acquiring knowledge in the subject.

It must mention why you are the right person for taking up the course, by narrating your career story and how is your application special?. It must explain how much you are committed to the course and how you stuck to your goal despite opposition from people on undertaking the course in the university. It must establish how you are unique compared to other applicants. It must list out your major internal or external influences that form the basis of your decision to learn more on the chosen subject. It should describe the social, demographic, economic, competitive trends, technological trends influencing your decision of choosing the course in the university. The statement must also reflect your determination to successfully finish your course in the university applied for.

Provide reference on how your pre education helped you to do a major in the interested subject and the work experience you have that effected your decision to take up the study of the subject. Important people or situations that made you decide to do a course in university must be noted. All these questions need to be addressed in your notes for formulating your personal statement.

Writing the personal statement –

Based on the points discussed on the first step of formulating your personal statement, develop the personal statement by writing the statement as per the mentioned guidelines and incorporating the answers for the questions raised in the first step. List out your key strengths and the unique factors that sets you apart from other applicants, and makes you suitable to admission to the course in University, by giving specific details for the philosophy of applied graduate program which attracts you to learn more on the subject through acquiring admission in the university. Also mention your hobbies, activities and interests, by relating it to your personality and commitment to your passion in life.

Review the personal statement –

Present a critique of the personal statement by reviewing it with a career service counsellor to support your claims in the personal statement and strengthen your case for admission to the course in the graduate program offered by the university.

Posted by September 30th, 2014