Creating An Elaborate Entrance Essay Body Paragraphs

Your entrance essay is different than any of the other academic papers that you may have written in High School. Students, who are familiar with the basic structure of a student essay, know that it typically has five paragraphs including an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. However, when you write a College or University application admissions essay you do not have to stick to this boring and basic format. Instead, when your write your entrance essay you is much more narrative and elaborate. It is a good idea to include more detail in the body paragraphs of your entrance essay so that your paper stands out.

How To Write Your Body Paragraphs

Once you have written a thorough introduction including all the relevant information about yourself that you wish to share, the next step is to write your body paragraphs. With your entrance essay try to figure out a way to make your introduction connect. Introduce the ideas that you are going to explain in detail in your introduction and then expand upon these in the correlating paragraphs, listing details is order of strength and relevance. Just like with an academic essay your entrance essay should have a theme.

Although the entrance essay tends to be more narrative than formal, you should still be careful to include a thesis and three supporting points within your opening remarks.

Following your thesis your body paragraphs should include personal experiences or ideas that reflect on your main thematic statement. When you are brainstorming ideas for your essay, try to include points that are a.) Not only interesting but b.) Correlate back to your original thesis statement. 

For example you could write:

"I've had to overcome three great obstacles to be able to get to the point where I am applying for college because not only was I raised in foster homes most of my life, I suffer from a learning disability and I had to attend summer school in order to graduate. Things for me have not been easy, however it is this determination and the people who have helped me succeed that have inspired me to apply to pursue a career as a social worker."

Your three body paragraphs would then include:

  • Your experience in foster homes
  • Your learning disability
  • Your experience in summer school

The theme of the admittance essay would be why I want to be a social worker and each point should show how the experience inspired the person writing to pursue this as their future career. By being more elaborate you give the reader an opportunity to get a sense of your motivations and personality. This will help you be successful in applying to colleges because your essay will be more appealing to the admittance officials if it includes this sort of detailed content.

Posted by April 18th, 2014