Peculiarities Of Writing An MBA Admissions Essay

Are you interested in getting admitted to a great MBA program? Are you struggling with writing the MBA admissions essay that is required for all applications to any MBA program? Do not fret because you are not alone. Many prospective students for MBA programs find the admissions essay to be a challenging element of the admissions process. There is a fine line between illustrating your experience, and over-selling yourself. You want to be honest, and creative at the same time. Therefore, where is the line in which you designate your level of creativity versus the level of industry standard writing formats that you are going to adhere to during the composition of your essay? Some of the most common peculiarities of writing an MBA admissions essay include:

  • Wanting to be creative and still adhere to format standards
  • The desire to stand out versus the need to be professional
  • Where to draw the line if you have a lot of industry experience
  • Showing that you desire the education, while still expressing how much industry knowledge you already have
  • Making a clear and concise presentation of your experience and education

These are just a few of the unique elements that are proprietary to writing an admissions essay for an MBA program.

If you are trying to get accepted to an MBA program and you are stuck on the admissions essay, then there are a few avenues that you can use to help streamline your efforts. You will be able to make your essay writing efforts more effective and efficient if you include these few essay writing tips:

  • Always consider all of the potential essay topics that are offered to you.
  • Choose one topic and then decide your stance on the answer of the question.
  • Do not teeter back and forth on the answer of the essay question.
  • Support your answer with facts and valuable information.
  • Do not support your answer with emotions and opinions.
  • Have a logical organization and presentation of the information in your MBA admissions essay.

These are just a few of the best tips to creating a great MBA admissions essay.

Follow these tips and guidelines for your MBA admissions essay in order to have the best chance of being considered for the MBA program of your dreams. Obviously, your education and experience will help to shape the decision of the program coordinators; however, your essay is your chance to really stand out and shine among the competition.

Posted by October 2nd, 2013