Application essay writing: don’t do a history report

The application essay helps the school you are applying to learn about you and your interests. The school in question wants to know why you would make a good candidate for their establishment. You can provide information in your essay the application doesn’t ask about. Yet, you don’t want to reveal too much information about your past since some of it is irrelevant or it may put you in a bad light you are trying to avoid. The following points are areas to consider when thinking about information to include and what to avoid while writing your application essay.

Stick to the Estimated Word Count Given for the Essay

This can help you pay attention to pertinent details you want the school to know about you. In trying to avoid giving too much information about your history, this can help you focus on good information the school should know about you that would encourage them to have more interest in you and your goals. Many application essays have a word count they want applicants to stick with. The review committee has a certain amount of time in reviewing essays so it is important to keep it brief but provide good solid details you feel are most important.

Don’t Worry About Telling Everything about Yourself

Some students experience difficulty in writing their essay because they think they have to tell everything about themselves. In many cases, certain details you can keep to yourself but it helps to review potential ideas with someone you trust. Think about the school and their ethical standards. How do you feel you fit into those standards? How would you write this information into a few sentences to help the school learn more about you? You can share achievements and success you have experienced if it relates to your future goals and educational needs. Other than that, try not to go overboard in sharing information about you to avoid embarrassment or a boring essay.

Present Information about You and Future Goals

When writing your essay it helps to try and keep content relevant to what you want to do now and in the future. You can briefly mention something about your past that is a good fit for why you are applying to the school. Keep in mind the school you are applying for is likely more interest in your future and why the school should help you achieve your goals.

Posted by January 9th, 2014